I have been repeatedly been spoken to by the Universe and it keeps saying the word “Change”.

Change is coming. I can feel it. Seasons are changing. Life is changing.

The world is changing. I think we have been forced to open our eyes. Wake up and deal with our biggest and toughest problems.

This time of year is hard for me. The loss of my only sibling and my best friend came while the leaves were falling. Those events changed me.

Now I am facing a change in my location. Moving is change. Hopes and dreams are being realized. As well as work, the hard work of letting go of many things decluttering, to change our life.

The world is changing. Over the past 15 years hate has crept back into our society. Greed and Power have turned our civilization into a divided nation.

We have enjoyed the peace and forgotten our history. We remember the nice history bits, not the not so nice truths. Like Wounded Knee, where our ancestors tried to destroy a group of people, probably because of money and hate in thier hearts, with guns.

Guns have Changed as well. What my dad used to feed our family when he had no work, is now just a toy. Replaced by machines that once were only aloud by the military. I remember seeing a photograph of an automatic weapon used by a Vietnam veteran. He came to our class. The young boys would want to play with these guns. So they had to sign up for basic training, become men and bravely protect our country.

My artwork is changing. My artwork is me. I look at the world around me and choose what inspires me.

The season, life, the world, my art and I are in a transition. Some changes we can not control. Others we can control. I can not control the seasons, but I can control most things in my life. I am struggling with our ability to change the world. I want a world of love not hate.

Fear of change. I think at this point I am more afraid of not changing. It is going to be very hard and it is going to be scary, yet I don’t think we have a choice. Everything must change, evolve.

Today I use black in my painting, not to make it darker, but to enhance and make the colors brighter.

So my artwork will change with me. I want to plant the seeds of change.

Although beware of an artist who decides to make a change.

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