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Katrina Morrison artist at Garden Thyme

Garden Thyme is located in a small Historical Swedish Colony in Bishop Hill Illinois. There my son Alex and I create in our Studio Art Gallery. What we create depends on the time of year. I have two passions one is gardening and the other is art. So in the spring you will find me in the garden and making fairy gardens. Throughout the season I grow produce for a farm stand. Then near the end of summer I love painting outside around this beautiful town.

I plan workshops and teach others about my passion. I also have a deep love for Mother Earth and plan on doing my share to help save our planet. Planting and propagating, creating art from natural and pre-loved materials.

Alex is my own personal sidekick. He is a wonderful artist creating through the eyes of a kind soul. He is less interested in the garden but likes to eat the colorful healthy produce. He brings interest and love to our studio. He is an awesome person with autism and loves speaking to customers about anime.

Artist Alex Morrison
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