Spring is in the Air

I am waiting patiently to get into my garden. Starting seeds inside in a sunny south facing window.

I am so happy to see all the beautiful birds returning to Bishop Hill. After a long winter it is the first sign that spring will return and Mother Nature is working as she should.

20150719_154746The Thrush loves to eat the slugs in our garden


Ok for my challenge, much of today’s plastic is not reusable it is flimsy. I remember in the 1990’s when they changed the plastic. It broke while we were carrying the flats from one greenhouse to another. The flats were so thin they would give us horrible paper cuts, ouch. We started to horde our old flats like gold. And cleaned them each year with a mild bleach to kill fungus and bacteria. (Now I don’t use bleach for anything) So back to my challenge, I have been saving any container that will hold soil. Big, small, with drainage holes, without holes to plant into. I am starting my seeds into them and then transplanting them into compostable paper cups. So far so good. I want to invite others to Garden Thyme on April 13th to learn about starting seeds. I would also like to have a seed swap that day as well. I have become a garden teacher through a program called Green Thumb. It is practicing permaculture gardening, it is full of information and hands-on workshops that I feel very comfortable teaching. (I have been teaching workshops for many years as a Master Gardener) but the Green Thumb program is more structured, hands-on, and fun. This spring I am very excited about learning and teaching permaculture gardening in Bishop Hill

April 13th, 2019

Garden Thyme

Seed Starting Workshop and Seed Swap

Bring any seeds you would like to Swap(labeled please)   I will be giving a short seed starting informative talk followed by a Swap. Come join the fun!  Everyone will leave with a tomatoe seed planted in a composible pot.  Begins at 1pm.  Call Katrina (309)373-5314 if you any questions.

And now I have a mini greenhouse to start some of my seedlings

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  1. The seed swap and green thumb workshop is such a lovely idea! I wish we could be there! Meanwhile, snow up here in Wisconsin… come on spring, you can do it. <3

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