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Sometimes you just need to stop thinking and make art.I was cleaning my studio and found some old gouache paints, and spontaneously started painting.I decided to not care what anyone thought about my art.I don’t show my emotions much, but this week I needed to get them outside my body.Playing with negitive space, I wish I could get lost in it.Usually I try to make my paintings pretty, this one is not.I am thinking very much about the earth and hoping we can repair the damage.The water…I need more intense color. The earth needs intensive care.I am in a mood today, not sure thier is a word to define it. Change is coming and I can feel it. It feels like the calm before a storm.Im not the best artist, but I need to make art. Time disappears when I paint.Roots… grounding to the earth. Attaching us to earth. Strength. The roots remind me of the synapses in the brain. Interesting.Plants and humans have always been part of my art, reoccurring theme. Some people are animal people, not me I am a plant person.”I just let the ideas wash over me”-Colette O’BrianBreatheLife, when I think of life I automatically think of my boys first, then my heart.When painting with your intuition you have to feel when to leave things be. Let go of control. This is not my strong point.Midnight sky with silver jewels.Trees remind me to beathe. They give us air to breath, as well as being breathtakingly beautiful.I am painting this for me, to keep me breathing.I am aging, my eyes are starting to get blurry and my fingers hurt sometimes. My artwork will probably change, but I will work until I can not breath.Will anyone like my work of art? This question I believe is in the heart of every artist. It is like a high and a low. I question if this is the cause of many artist emotional problems. It plagues me. I think it is from a deep feeling, that I care too much. Care too much about everything.Bending in the wind, trees become stronger.Standing strait is a sign of strength, I think of military. What an illusion. Bending, being flexible to the change around you, is so much stronger.Plant trees…I hear so many people make the excuse, “it takes to long to get any shade”. Stop! We should plant trees for our children. We need to clean up this mess of a world for our children. Stop thinking about ourselves and care about our children. Now and for the future.I can’t watch the news. I care too much. It physically hurt me to see the world news.Painting negitive space again how ironic. There must be dark with light. So we notice everything. My paintings usually do not have dark. I paint for my soul. I want to throw away the dark. I think I read somewhere that Renoir and I think Cezanne did just that.Balance…I am working on balancing the painting. Balancing life is hard.Next I paint the sun. Light is the opposite of dark. We need light to live. We need dark to rest.Plants use the sunlight for energy.I love plants. They heal me. They make my heart beat.My signature is in my heart. Literally. My original print, only I can make it. I care too much.Trust your intuition.

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